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Colorado Springs Living Will Attorneys

Guiding You Through The Planning Process

If you are planning for the future, it is important to consider your medical priorities and wishes in case you are ever unable to make decisions for yourself.

Whether you have specific religious beliefs or want your family to know in advance the types of medical treatment you want to receive, advance health care directives (also known as living wills) should be included as part of your comprehensive estate plan. At The Moller Law Group, LLC, we guide our clients through this delicate planning process. We identify the legal ramifications of their decisions and help execute the documents that will best reflect their priorities for medical treatment.

Backed by our attorneys' experienced advice, you and your family can have peace of mind that even the most unexpected medical crisis will not disturb your most cherished personal wishes.

El Paso County Advance Health Care Directive Lawyers | Offices In Woodland Park And Colorado Springs

There are a number of documents that we can help you consider adding to your estate plan. They include:

  • Living wills
  • Medical/health care powers of attorney
  • Do not resuscitate orders
  • Organ and tissue donation declarations
  • Disposition of last remains declarations

These important documents cover issues like when to remove a feeding tube, specific medical procedures you would and would not like performed, and how to handle your remains after you die. Medical powers of attorney allow you to designate a family member or other loved one to make important decisions for you if you can no longer do so.

Careful planning can prevent disputes within families when a loved one is suddenly incapacitated. Also, advance health care directives or living wills are always revocable; as long as you are able to communicate your wishes, you will always have the final say in your medical care.

Discuss Your Estate Planning Needs With The Moller Law Group, LLC

Our Colorado Springs living will lawyers will help you consider all your options for adding advance health care directives to your estate plan. Call us toll free at 866-765-0858 or 719-694-1284 or email us to arrange a confidential consultation.

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