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Colorado Springs Trust Attorneys

Guiding You Through The Life Planning Process

At The Moller Law Group, LLC, our experienced estate planning attorneys develop unique and comprehensive estate plans to reflect the assets and priorities of individuals throughout the region. We take a pragmatic yet personal approach to handling our clients' estate plans, treating their assets as if they were our own. We are their legal guide to negotiating the delicate and sometimes difficult process of deciding how their estates should be managed following death.

El Paso County Irrevocable Trust Lawyers | Drafting And Administering Trusts For Clients In Colorado Springs, Pueblo And Surrounding Areas

For individuals with greater assets, trusts should be an integral part of an estate plan. This includes people with multiple residences or other real estate holdings. Property placed into a trust avoids the probate process, which can be a costly, time-consuming and emotionally taxing process for a grieving family.

We work closely with our clients to ascertain what their priorities are for the disposition of their assets. Some are only concerned with how property will be distributed following death, while others wish to care for children, parents or other loved ones with monthly or yearly incomes while they are alive.

Trusts can be revocable or irrevocable. Our Colorado Springs trust lawyers will listen closely to your long-term desires to determine whether a revocable trust or irrevocable trust is best suited to your estate planning needs.

We also explain the importance of naming a dependable trustee to administer the trust and make distributions to its beneficiaries. In fact, many clients appoint our firm as a trustee in order to guarantee that a trust is properly executed and to avoid the potential for conflict that arises when the responsibility is given to a relative.

Discuss Your Trust And Other Estate Planning Needs In A Confidential Consultation

To arrange a confidential consultation with one of our experienced estate planning attorneys, email us or call 719-694-1284 or toll free 866-765-0858.

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