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Is paying spousal maintenance mandatory in Colorado divorces?

Sorting out the financial complexities of divorce can be frustrating. In Colorado, neither spouse is automatically entitled to spousal maintenance, also known as “alimony” or “spousal support.” Depending on your income, this could make matters easier or more difficult as you prepare to manage your finances after divorce.

Eliminating the Medical Expense Deduction Would Seriously Harm People Who Are Chronically Ill

Another important announcement from NAELA.  This would have devastated us in caring for my mother-in-law! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Older man kissing sick wife

The House Republicans tax proposal introduced today ends the medical expense deduction. This change will cause major harm to individuals and families trying to pay for the catastrophic costs of long-term services and supports (LTSS).

The benefits of a QDRO during your divorce

Just posted this new article to my website: A qualified domestic relations order can help people avoid one of the many common financial mistakes when going through a divorce. Executive hands indicating where to sign contractMost people in Colorado who have gotten a divorce would agree that the process can be not only emotionally grueling but financially difficult as well.

I Just Want to Ride...

Motorcycle Arlo Guthrie wrote the Motorcycle Song (The Significance of the Pickle) in 1967 as part of the counter-revolution then sweeping the country. Son of folk musician Woodie Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie’s best known work is Alice’s Restaurant Massacree. The chorus to the Motorcycle Song is as follows:I don't want a pickleJust want to ride on my motorcycleAnd I don't want a tickle'Cause I'd rather ride on my motorcycleAnd I don't want to dieI just want to ride on my motorcy - cle. 

"Burning Down the House"

Burning house

I'm a connections person; I don't have many original ideas, but I like to think I have a knack for seeing the link between what might be seemingly disparate ideas. So, I'm listening to the radio (which I rarely do), and on comes Burning Down the House by the Talking Heads. Released in 1983 this was part of the group's fifth album, Speaking in Tongues. For those of you not in the know, speaking in tongues is known as Glossolalia which is a phenomenon in which people appear to speak in languages unknown to them.  Part of the lyrics are:

Part 2 - Now in the Senate

helping hand

Follow up to my last post (again, from NAELA): "[Yesterday], the Senate voted to proceed on the House's American Health Care Act. It remains unclear what legislation will ultimately get voted on at the end of this process. So far, all legislation proposed would have devastating consequences for individuals with disabilities and older adults.

Medicaid - Please Lend Your Voice

helping hand

Today there is no personal story, no witty reference to any modern media.  I am asking for your help in determining the future of Medicaid. If you, or someone you know or love, is not currently affected by Medicaid it is almost certain that you will be at some point in your life.  Please see the below message, taken from an alert from NAELA (National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc.):

"To Stand in the Arena"

Parchment of the Constitution with a red background         July 4, 2017 marked the 241st anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. 41 years ago I had the good fortune to celebrate the Bicentennial in Paris, France at an outdoor barbecue held outside the US Embassy. I was 15 at the time, and I remember just feeling pride in our nation that day.

"Ride Away, Ride Away"

Cowboy silhouette (see others in my portfolio/lghtbox) 

I cannot resist another classic film reference, and if you have not seen "The Searchers," you need to. John Wayne stars in this 1956 John Ford classic which also features a cast of John Ford regulars. Better yet, the movie has a great theme song sung by the "Sons of the Pioneers:"   What makes a man to wander What makes a man to roam? What makes a man leave bed and board And turn his back on home? Ride away (Ride away), ride away (ride away), ride away

"Row well, and live"

Ben-Hur_ © 1959 Warner Bros. I love this line from the movie, Ben-Hur, and in fact, I often quote it to my employees, but I am not really the terrible employer this line might make me out to be! However, sometimes, I consult with employers who often think their workers are their servants, and the employers seek to craft employment agreements which go beyond the mark. 

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