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June 2012 Archives

What happens to all the marital assets during the divorce proceeding?

The breakdown of a marriage can be an emotionally trying time for everyone involved.  One of the main concerns people ask us about is what happens to their property, money and children during the divorce proceeding.  These concerns often arise out of fear--for example, a husband may spend all of the marital money to spite the wife or a wife will tell the husband that she is leaving the state with their child.  Fortunately, there is a process known as an automatic, temporary injunction to addresses these very concerns. 

How can you keep kids and grandkids from squandering what you've worked so hard to leave for them?

When thinking about your estate plan, do you become nervous about what your young children or grandchildren might do with their portion of their inheritance?  Perhaps it took you a lifetime to build up a legacy for your family, and you fear that your 18-year-old grandson might take much less than a lifetime to squander what you worked so hard to build.  One way to handle such fears in your estate plan is to create a Testamentary Trust.

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