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December 2015 Archives

A Christmas Wish

Abstract christmas treeTomorrow is Christmas Eve, and I am filled with mixed emotions. I am grateful my daughter is home for Christmas and I am able to spend time with her. (By the way she said I mis-characterized what happened at Thanksgiving, but I what I do know is that my shins still hurt.) My two sons are at opposite ends of the country this season. One is in Washington State with his in-laws and the other is on the east coast. I miss them and their families, but we have been so very blessed as a family. Sure, we have worries and concerns, but all in all we have abundance.

To File or Not to File, That is the Question

businessman is passing signed agreement to client after successfI got a call recently from a woman for whom I had handled her divorce. She and her husband have one child and my client has the child the majority of the time. Her former husband suffers from depression and he self-medicates with alcohol. When he is not drinking he is a good man, but when he does everyone has to watch out. We all know the type.


SOSSo it’s been nearly a month since my last blog entry. During this period my wife and I went to Utah to celebrate Thanksgiving with our children. While there my daughter asked us to meet her boyfriend, but she asked me not to be weird. I asked her, “If I act differently than I normally do you will think I am weird, and if I act normally your friend might think I am weird. Which do you want?”
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