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August 2018 Archives

Defining parental responsibilities after a Colorado divorce

The state of Colorado refers to child custody matters as "parental responsibilities." Like in other jurisdictions, parents in Colorado can share physical and legal responsibilities with regard to their children or one parent may be granted these responsibilities if conditions warrant it. Colorado judges are tasked with determining the best interests of the children whose cases appear in their courts and establishing parental responsibility plans that meet those interests and needs.

Do I have to allege fault to get a Colorado divorce?

In generations past a person had to make claims of wrongdoing against their spouse in order to secure a divorce from them. These claims could include allegations of adultery, abuse or any number of other undesirable behaviors that may put significant strain on a marital relationship. While these accusations of fault may have provided clear grounds for why certain individuals wanted to be released from their marital relationships, they may have also been embarrassing or difficult to prove in Colorado courtrooms.

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