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January 2019 Archives

Residency requirements for a Colorado divorce

Divorce may be far from a person's mind when they walk down the aisle with their intended. However, as readers of this blog know, divorce affects a number of first-time and subsequent marriages each and every year. Divorce is not just an issue for Colorado residents: across the nation, many marriages fail and end in divorce courts.

Estate planning strategies to avoid probate

Probate is not an inherently bad process. In fact, for individuals who pass away with incomplete or vague estate plans, probate can help sort out testamentary issues related to the distribution of their assets. However, many Colorado residents wish to avoid having their estates be probated. This is because probate can be costly and can tie up estates for months as problems are slowly worked through.

3 Reasons why you should avoid a DIY divorce

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects are great when you want fresh ideas on how to decorate for a party and you want to save some money. But the concept is not so great when your future, finances and children are on the line. It may appear appealing to save money and push yourself through a divorce process bypassing proper legal representation, but you might want to think twice before venturing down that path.

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