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February 2019 Archives

Circumstances when sole custody may be appropriate

Even when Colorado parents cannot agree on most things in life, they will agree that they want what is best for their children. During separations and divorces, parents may dispute the other's assertions regarding property and support needs but may find it easier to come to common terms about how to serve their children's developmental, physical, and emotional needs. With the help of their family law attorneys, they may find balanced plans that afford both parents time and opportunities to be with their kids.

What is the Older Americans Act?

In many cultures, older individuals are viewed as wise elders who are sought out as important resources regarding the communities' history and practices. They are a significant part of their cultural groups and provide wisdom to those who plan to take the reins of power. These views are not always applicable in the United States, and readers of this blog may recognize that, in some cases, older individuals are seen as burdens on their younger family members and colleagues.

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