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April 2019 Archives

Taxation of trusts under review by US Supreme Court

Many Colorado residents work with estate planning attorneys to device ways to protect their wealth for future generations and to avoid the costly process of probate. There are a number of different testamentary tools that can be used to achieve these goals, and trusts are often implemented to support estate planners' needs. Not long ago the United States Supreme Court decided to take on a trust-related case, and its decision on the matter may have major implications for how financially useful trusts are to estate planners.

What is parental visitation?

During and after a Colorado divorce, parents may struggle to come to terms with their new parenting responsibilities. After years of living in the same household as their children they may discover that the distance and space between them affects their abilities to stay close and connected. Parents who do not have physical custody of their kids may struggle to stay involved in the busy lives of their children.

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