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What is parental visitation?

During and after a Colorado divorce, parents may struggle to come to terms with their new parenting responsibilities. After years of living in the same household as their children they may discover that the distance and space between them affects their abilities to stay close and connected. Parents who do not have physical custody of their kids may struggle to stay involved in the busy lives of their children.

Circumstances when sole custody may be appropriate

Even when Colorado parents cannot agree on most things in life, they will agree that they want what is best for their children. During separations and divorces, parents may dispute the other's assertions regarding property and support needs but may find it easier to come to common terms about how to serve their children's developmental, physical, and emotional needs. With the help of their family law attorneys, they may find balanced plans that afford both parents time and opportunities to be with their kids.

The role of a child's preferences in their custodial plan

On any given day a child may prefer to have one parent in charge of them. If a Colorado youth got into a fight with their mother, for instance, then they may prefer to spend the rest of the day with their father. If their father told them it was bedtime, the child might run to their mother for a reprieve.

How does legal custody differ from physical custody?

Working out how two Colorado parents will continue to effectively co-parent their kids after a divorce can be one of the most challenging aspects of settling the end of a marriage. While the parents may both want their kids to live permanently with them, they must make concessions and recognize how their children's interests may be best served through the planning and implementation of a schedule for their physical care. Physical custody is the type of custody that deals with where children will live when their parents are no longer together. Legal custody is a different set of rights that parents may fight for when they must share their kids with their exes.

How does a court decide where a child will live?

One of the biggest questions that parents may have when they choose to end their marriages is where their children will live once the parents' divorces are finalized. In Colorado, parents may share custody of their kids or courts may grant sole custody to just one of the parents of a divorcing couple. The decision to permit shared child custody or to order sole custody will depend upon many factors specific to the families in question.

Defining parental responsibilities after a Colorado divorce

The state of Colorado refers to child custody matters as "parental responsibilities." Like in other jurisdictions, parents in Colorado can share physical and legal responsibilities with regard to their children or one parent may be granted these responsibilities if conditions warrant it. Colorado judges are tasked with determining the best interests of the children whose cases appear in their courts and establishing parental responsibility plans that meet those interests and needs.

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