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Dividing up property during a Colorado divorce

It is not uncommon for married people to embrace the saying, "What's mine is yours, and what's yours is mine." It generally means that individuals who have committed their lives to each other are willing and able to share that which they acquire with the people with whom they have decided to spend their lives. However, in the world of property, identifying what is "mine" or "yours" is important if those individuals decide to go through a divorce.

Residency requirements for a Colorado divorce

Divorce may be far from a person's mind when they walk down the aisle with their intended. However, as readers of this blog know, divorce affects a number of first-time and subsequent marriages each and every year. Divorce is not just an issue for Colorado residents: across the nation, many marriages fail and end in divorce courts.

Maintenance payments will no longer be tax deductible

Earlier this year, this Colorado-based family law blog discussed how maintenance may be addressed during a divorce. Maintenance is the payment of support from one former partner to their ex, and maintenance may last for a varying amount of time. Whether maintenance will be awarded in a particular divorce will depend on many factors that are unique to the divorcing couple.

Can Colorado courts award alimony during divorces?

In Colorado, alimony is called maintenance and it is money paid from one party to another after a divorce. Maintenance is permissible in the state but certain factors will dictate if a court will award it. Some of the factors relevant to the court's decision-making process will be considered in this post, but readers should talk to their family law attorneys about their maintenance questions.

The Best Thing to Come Out of Colorado

Headless Chicken.jpgNo, it's not what you think...the best thing to come out of Colorado has nothing to do with Coors beer, marijuana, or the Rocky Mountains. For those of you in the know, the best thing to come out of Colorado is clearly "Mike the Headless Chicken," also known as "Miracle Mike," a chicken forever immortalized in the song, "Headless Mike."

Do I have to allege fault to get a Colorado divorce?

In generations past a person had to make claims of wrongdoing against their spouse in order to secure a divorce from them. These claims could include allegations of adultery, abuse or any number of other undesirable behaviors that may put significant strain on a marital relationship. While these accusations of fault may have provided clear grounds for why certain individuals wanted to be released from their marital relationships, they may have also been embarrassing or difficult to prove in Colorado courtrooms.

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