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After being served papers from my wife for a Legal Separation I asked a friend of mine (who was a retired judge) who he would recommend to help me in this legal matter. The first name that came to his mind was Bill Moller. He had observed Bill over the years in his court room and told me he had the greatest respect for him and how he handled himself and his clients. I followed up on that recommendation and 16 months later am very happy I chose to work with Bill and the Moller Law Group.

Bill, Tracy, and the entire team were extremely professional and competent and went the extra mile to do the work that needed to be done. They showed compassion and understanding in a very difficult and at times scary legal process and I never felt like they were “counting every minute” on the financial clock. In fact I believe I spent about 1/3 less in overall legal costs than the other side. Bill was not cut throat in any way. He and Tracy helped me navigate the “legal maze” and our goal was to come to an equitable and fair outcome for both sides regarding financial matters and especially the kids That goal was accomplished without trying to destroy my partner of 22 years.

Divorce is no fun for anyone and sometimes people say only lawyers win. That was not the case in my situation and in the end I went through a necessary process with a positive outcome and I couldn’t have asked for better legal help. I would highly recommend Bill and his entire anyone facing legal matters in their marriage.

Brad L.


Attorney William Moller is outstanding and educated in various legal issues as my personal experience has benefited from his services. When I found out that he is a retired Ranger, I knew that he possessed exceptional values and credentials. I highly recommend William Moller for your legal services. He’s truthful if he needs to refer you to another attorney who specializes in your needs. I believe he’ll do the honest and right thing, as he’s highly respected among his colleagues. Besides estate planning, he helped me with a real estate situation that is ongoing due to many unethical developer misrepresentations to the county and state.

P. F.


“I would definitely recommend the Moller Law Group LLC for any legal support/guidance/representation you may need. I lost my spouse to cancer and needed assistance with the Will, Powers of Attorneys and my estate. Bill was very professional in steering me in the right direction in executing the will. He was very successful in taking on the creditors in this unfortunate situation that I was left in. This included tackling the high medical bills that the insurance companies would not cover, the voluntary repossession of two vehicles that were turned over to the banks, and the foreclosure of our dream home that was only two years old. They were quick to respond to any issues or questions that needed to be resolved. They led me step-by-step through this difficult time with the utmost concern for my well-being.

I give them a 5 star rating and definitely recommend Bill and the Moller Law Group to anyone looking for professional and caring legal representation.



I am extremely impressed with the Moller Law Group. Everyone with whom I had the opportunity to have any contact was very professional, efficient, caring, patient and knowledgeable through what can be a stressful situation. Should anyone ask me for a referral, you are #1 on my list!

Thanks to you all,

Marla B.


I hired the Moller Law Group to help me resolve lingering issues from a divorce that occurred over five years ago. The issues that I faced were seemingly simple, but the opposing party was reluctant to resolve the issues. So, this proved to be a case requiring time, lots of paperwork, and an amazing amount of patience.

Mr. Moller and his team (I worked quite a bit with Mr. Nicolaysen) were excellent to work with. They were quick to respond to my inquiries. They would spend as much time as needed to help me understand my options, explain their recommendations, and keep me focused on the end-goal, even when my frustrations for the case felt overwhelming.

I enthusiastically recommend the Moller Law Group to anyone in need of legal services.



The Moller Law Group defended us in court when a negative outcome could have resulted in a dramatically altered lifestyle. The Moller Group met our fears and uncertainties with compassion and understanding first, then proceeded with skill and vigor to dig out and expose the truth.

At all times we felt comforted and embraced as the case proceeded. At no time were our questions or concerns ignored or down played. The Group encouraged and directed that we all work as a team. And so it went.

The positive result showcases the Group’s competence, family friendly and caring business model. Mr. Moller, you were so obviously well prepared and in complete charge. Nicely done and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Chuck and Theresa D.


In spite of the unpleasant series of circumstances associated with my divorce, the MLG has been quite financially reasonable and consistently professional, timely, considerate, and sensitive throughout the process. In fact, I have already recommended the MLG to a friend and would do so to anyone. Thank you for a job well done.

Mark V.


Working with Mr. Bill Moller and his staff has been a pleasure all around. Bill worked for my family and I in a custody case to obtain custody of my daughter, who is now five. When my case began my daughter was not even two. When my ex informed me that she was married to a man in the army and moving to Hawaii with our 16 month daughter I hired Bill. Bill never made any promises and was always honest and straight forward.

Bill was exceptional at maintaining his composure and helping to make sure my family and I did the same. He stressed how important it was to be respectful to me ex, even when she was being far from respectful to me and my family. I explained to Bill what I wanted in terms of time with my daughter and Bill proceeded accordingly. He always acted professionally and was successful in getting the time I desired with my daughter.

After following Bill’s advice for the past four years, I am happy to say that my daughter lives with me primarily. Four years ago this seemed like a long shot and for many fathers I’m sure this is still the case. But in following Bill’s directions, staying focused and by being respectful to everyone involved, I was able to succeed in my goals of obtaining my daughter the majority of the time. Bill was able to make sure that the judge presiding over our case was aware that my daughter residing with me was in the best interest of the child.

I would recommend The Moller Law Group to anyone who is looking for excellent, honest and credible representation. Bill and is his staff are not only friendly and helpful, but also extremely intelligent and hardworking. My family and I are so very grateful for all the hard work they have done to reunite our family over the years.

J. S. and family


I have been extremely pleased with my experience with the Moller Law Group. When situations arose and the need to modify previous court orders became apparent, it opened up a lot of emotional stress and hurt feelings from the past. After contacting the Moller Law group and meeting with the attorney about my new situation, I felt he understood my needs and concerns. Throughout my case, he continued to demonstrate that he understood the important concerns and the desired outcome. He also helped keep things to the point and did not let emotions get in the way of the matter at hand. At our hearings, the attorney was very professional and was well prepared, with copies of documents in order, and very confident in his presentation and questioning. As nervous as I was at my hearings, his confidence in what he was doing gave me confidence in presenting my case and answering questions. I was very pleased with the outcome of our hearing, and I attribute that to our being prepared and ready to get down to business. I have already referred friends to this great group of legal representatives, and will continue to do so in the future.

Jessica F.


To Bill and the team at Moller Law Group,

I just want to thank you for all your help working with me through my divorce. It was such a comfort knowing you were all behind me. You always worked hard to communicate with me and work with my difficult situation. I felt informed and guided with expertise throughout the whole process. I will pass my good experience with you on to anyone who asks. I hope to keep in touch. You are a wonderful group of people to know and work with.

Marie L.


I really liked the help from everyone at Moller Law Firm. I think Bill really was on my side and gave me great advice in my trying divorce. The communication and follow up his staff did was great. I would not hesitate to recommend the Moller team to anyone. Hopefully I won’t need a lawyer in the future, but Moller would be my first choice.

J Barkley


I would like to thank the Moller Law Group, and especially Amber who was very helpful for getting me through a difficult situation. I found them to be responsive, professional and very knowledgeable. I have and will continue to recommend the Moller Law Group.

Kenneth G.


Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance. It took me five years to finally decide to do this and it hurts so much but you guys made it easier. Thanks for all that you do!!!